Snapchat introduces its first ever drone selfie camera

Popular social media platform Snapchat has launched its first flying camera drone that will earn customers a decent amount.

Snapchat has launched a limited edition flying selfie drone to take the “power and magic of the Snap camera to new levels”.

The tool called Pixy, is a pocket-sized camera designed to follow you around and take photos and videos during the flight, before returning to the palm of your hand.

The social media giant said the device is a new way for customers to use the Snapchat camera for “self expression and communication.”

“At the touch of a button, Pixy flies in four pre-set flight paths. She can float, orbit and follow wherever you drive, without a controller or any configuration, “the the company said in a blog post.

“Flight videos are transferred wirelessly and saved in Snapchat Memories. From there, use Snapchat’s editing tools, Lenses and Sounds to customize what you capture. “

With just a few taps, users can automatically edit the footage and share it on a chat, stories, spotlight, or any other platform.

The drone is available in the US and France with prices starting at $ US 230 ($ A325), but customers are encouraged to check local drone regulations before purchasing.

Two flight packs are available which include a strap to carry the drone, the battery and a charging cable.

The bundled package will set customers back $ 250 ($ A350) by including an additional charger and rechargeable battery.

The pocket drone comes after Snapchat unveiled its AR glasses, Spectacles in 2016.

The glasses allowed users to transfer digital images into their real-world view, while also capturing subsequent video and images that could be transferred to Snapchat.

Social media messaging app has over 330 million daily users and over 600 million monthly users.

Originally published as Snapchat launches a $ 230 flying camera drone

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