Gary Cohen comments on the couple’s argument in baseball, Phillies vs NY Mets

One commentator went viral, saving his best job for stand-up action as a male fan tried to get himself out of a hole with his girlfriend.

Last weekend was tough for Philadelphia Phillies fans around the world, as their series defeat to the New York Mets saw a six-run lead in the ninth inning.

And the New York Post American baseball announcer Gary Cohen had a blast rubbing the Mets success in the faces of the Philadelphia faithful.

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During its broadcast for SNY Sunday nightwhich ended with a 6-1 Mets win, Cohen added some commentary on a hilarious video of two Phillies fans sitting together at the match.

The couple who appear to be a couple are seen talking. The man pleads with the woman as her tears stream down her face. Cohen recalled what he believed was going on during the duo’s conversation.

“No, I want you to stay for the whole second game. They come together, they might win, ”Cohen said, mimicking what he imagined the boy might say.

The hilarious moment of the game went viral online, with fans saying “Cohen has been wild lately” and that he’s “a real poet” for his lip-reading masterclass.


“The fact that Gary Cohen plays the Phillies fan duo was hilarious,” tweeted one fan.

Fans spoke online, commenting on the apparent fight going on between Phillies fans. Many pointed out how hilarious it was that SNY kept the camera lingering on the couple for so long.

“SNY is making these Philly fans so dirty,” wrote one fan on Twitter.

“Phillies fans have a breakout camera instead of a kiss cam,” wrote another.

DraftKings took it one step further, asking the question “What did he do? only wrong answers ”on Twitter. The internet provided the answers for her, with one fan writing “she forced her to be a Phillies fan … she couldn’t have done anything worse than that.”

Another fan wrote that “he told her he’s taking her to a nice place and took her to a Phillies game.”

This story first appeared in New York Post and has been reproduced with permission

Originally published as “They could win”: the commentator goes viral for calling the discussion between the couple in the stands

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