Living in a state of fear could be harmful to your health, but in reality, how often do you run the COVID test? –

With the easing of mandates for masks and other COVID regulations, much of the world has resumed some semblance of pre-pandemic normality. Although not everyone is ready to move forward, like Dara Kass, MD who is still regularly testing COVID.

Based on the relationship between the irreverent responses, that’s a little overkill in the current conditions, Dar.

Even pets are not safe in the prank zone: tests for everyone and for everything, always!

If you suffer from long-standing panic due to fear-media distributed porn, et al., It’s nice to know that the testing requirements still persist in some situations.

Irrational paranoia should continue to be encouraged. An abundance of social virtue kits must continue to be provided on demand, to be covered by taxpayers, of course.

At this point, it is becoming difficult to discern that the parody tackles the wholly tired subject of COVID fears and questionable prevention measures.

At least constant snot pads and hard commitment to mask use are current choices (the poor single guy on the team standing outside with a useless piece of paper tied to his face getting Mom’s choice). Get ready for another season of radical fear pornography and over-government oversight, clearly, some people are quadruple-vaxxate, in double masks, and are still waiting to tell everyone they told you.

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