Hundreds of thousands of people marching in bans from our bodies protest the fact that cable news largely ignores

Hundreds of thousands of Americans across the country are demonstrating bans from our bodies protesting the fact that cable news has been largely ignored.

There are some incredible scenes and signs all over the country:

The protest is not just a big city event. Hundreds of people gathered in Idaho:

Here is the scene in New York:

In Washington, tens of thousands gathered and no one attacked the police:

Apparently, attacking the government and killing people is what it takes to get the media to worry, as there have been many segments about Donald Trump approving of an insurgent participating in the Pennsylvania coup.

Five white boys carry a Trump sign on every street and journalists flock to it, but hundreds of thousands of people protest the theft of rights by the majority of the population and the story is considered the fourth most important event on a Saturday.

Prejudice is not visible in words, but also in actions.

As Sarah Jones of PoliticusUSA put it:

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