Katie Pavlich and Guy Benson are on patrol with the Texas Department. of Public Safety along the Rio Grande – twitchy.com

City Hall Katie Pavlich and Guy Benson are on patrol today with the Texas Department of Public Security to show us what’s actually going on along the Texas-Mexico border and how agents are dealing with the influx of illegal immigrants across the Rio Grande:

According to law enforcement who informed Katie and Guy, Mexican cartels are making “$ 100 million A WEEK” by smuggling people into the United States:

“The brutal Mexican cartels are making $ 100 million A WEEK from human trafficking and illegal immigration. They are highly organized, with systems such as bracelets to show the payment to cross and are hourly enabled by open border policies. “

And the $ 100 million figure isn’t a typo:

Each bracelet means that an illegal immigrant has paid a cartel member to sneak them, and there are “countless landing spots” along the US side of the border:

And it’s not just the bracelets that are discarded:

Do the walls work? WHO KNOWS!

“A privately (!) Funded wall along another stretch of the river. Officials tell us it is a strong deterrent in this area, reducing crossings by more than 90% and diverting illegal immigrants elsewhere, making patrols more effective. WH yesterday repeated the canard “the walls don’t work”.

You can follow along with Guy and Katie here Other here.



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