Refreshed Retro Headphones: Grado Labs SR80x

Audio electronics brand GRADO has launched a new pair of headphones called Grado Labs SR80x Prestige Series. The new over-ear product borrows design elements from the classic 1991 Grado headphones. However, it comes equipped with fourth-generation 44mm drivers and a range of high-tech upgrades.

For example, noteworthy features of the Grado Labs SR80x Prestige series include a reinvented magnetic circuit, voice control coil, extra rugged 4-conductor cable, and open back design. As a result, the retro-inspired headphones are capable of producing high-quality sound that eliminates transient distortions. Additionally, each pair of headphones is handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York, and features super annealed copper wiring, used to deliver the cleanest audio possible. For those interested, the Grado Labs SR80x Prestige series is now available for purchase on

Image credit: Grado Labs

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