Jimmy Kimmel knows who to blame after contracting COVID-19 and has to cancel the show

Late night guest Jimmy Kimmel Monday said he contracted the coronavirus infection despite being vaccinated and potentiated.

He also jokingly explained how he got it:

Kimmel canceled the show on Monday night and lined up comedian Mike Birbiglia as the host until he recovers.

“I have to be the first person to get off a Southwest Airlines flight and find they are hosting a late night talk show,” Birbiglia tweeted.

Kimmel is the second overnight guest to develop the infection in the past few weeks. “Late Show” presenter. Stefano Colbert was back on the air following Monday his own battle with COVID-19.

“This is a televised emergency,” Colbert said of Kimmel’s illness during his Monday night monologue. “TV is down a Jimmy!”

Colbert also asked for presidential help:

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